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Former Principals

Rev. Bro. Jaypal Reddy (2005-2006) 1st Principal of Montfort Senior Secondary School:

A very young, energetic and enthusiastic Brother Rev. Bro. Jaypal Reddy was the first Principal of the School. His Montfortian spirit and compassion took away the hearts of the students, as well as parents and guardians. Under his guidance and efficient administration, along with for teaching staff the school began to grow and flourish. In the first year 200 tender hearts came to this temple of knowledge seeking true wisdom to quench their intellectual thirst.

The principal and the staff always tried to provide an all-round development to the students in every possible way. Importance was given to every aspect of their physical, mental, spiritual and psychological growth. Besides Yoga, singing, dancing, drawing, Personality development, building confidence, create scientific attitude, discipline etc were major aims along with the academic performance. Impressed by the performance of the students 158 students, were admitted in the second year.

Rev. Bro. Vijay Lakra (2006-2011) 2nd Principal of Montfort Senior Secondary School:

Rev. Bro. Herman Vijay Lakra became the second principal of the school in 2006. The new Principal was one of the greatest personalities and a very good administrator whom I met. His commitment towards his society and to the given task was admirable. His brotherly care and affection led the school to the next five years.

Many remarkable events took place during this period. In The sports day and the first annual day, the performance of the students was appreciated by all. Computer education was introduced in 2008. A very good computer lab was established and the principal himself took great interest to teach computer and conducted practical classes.

The students were divided into four groups; and sports and other competitions were conducted GroupWise. The students were also divided into different clubs and club activities were conducted on Saturdays. A new school building was inaugurated in the year 2009. Sufficient number of class rooms gave a new energy to the students and teachers. The first magazine of the school was brought out during this period. It provided the students a great opportunity to express their views and ideas.

The national heritage of our country lies in the unity in diversity. In order to create awareness of the divert culture of the nation, an educational tour is arranged every year to the different states of the country. To promote social harmony and brotherhood every class is taken for a picnic every year.

Rev. Bro. John Herman Ekka (2011-2015) 3rd Principal of Montfort Senior Secondary School:

In the year 2011 Rev. Bro. John Herman Ekka took charge as the principal of the school. His future vision and high ambition took the school to a higher level. His everlasting energy and enthusiasm encouraged the students to achieve greater heights in sports and games and academic performance.

A well equipped science and Maths lab was established in2013. It motivated the students to cultivate and develop scientific attitude in themselves. A very good library with more than 5000 books was one of the major achievements of the year 2012. It provides the teachers and the students with extra reading materials. The construction of the administration block was completed in the year 2014.

A Munna football team was setup and the students participated in inter-school competitions.
They were the first runners up in 2013. The school participated as a team in the Montfortian Athletic meet and inter-school sports competitions and the girls team became the first runner up in of our Athletes Priya Dungdung was selected to participate in 100 mts. in the state level. It was one of the greatest achievements of the school in 2014.

The science, Maths and book exhibition organized in 2012 and 2014 was another event which was witnessed by many schools and the parents, guardians and the public. Hundreds of people could benefit from the event.

In the year 2013 the process was begun to get the school affiliation. Since the school was started on public demand, a parents meeting was called. Their consent was taken to select the board. The guardians’ whole heartedly demanded for CBSE board. With this the process was begun and we got NOC from the state education ministry in 2014. There was an inspection from the CBSE board in 2014. The inspection team was happy and well spoke about the teachers and students they observed in the school.

The annual day of 2014 was one of the mile stones is the history of the school. The honorable education Minister of Jharkhand Ms. Gitashree Oraon was the chief guest of the day. The careful and thought provoking selection of the items based on the Motto of the school “Rise and Shine” was well appreciated by the chief guest. She said that the qualities of the items were presented and the capability and confidence of the students reflect the quality of the teachers and the quality of the education provided here. The quality of the programme was far better than many of the town schools. She continued that she was proud to attend such programme and to see growth and development of our future citizens.

One more parents meeting was organized to inform the requirements of the board to be fulfilled to get affiliation. Once again the guardians proved that they are always with the school. They whole heartedly agreed to fulfill the demands of the Board. After completing all the required process the Principal Bro. Herman Ekka was transferred.

Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy (2015 – ———-) (4th Principal of Montfort Senior Secondary School

Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy took charge of the school in June 2015. He stands as a source of inspiration to the teachers and students. His high spirit and well disciplined exemplary life gave a great boost to the teaching learning process. He gives his main focus to the quality education which should be provided to the students. He put his time and strength to continue the affiliation process. And his hard work bore a success to the school. On 6th September 2015 we received good news that the affiliation is granted to Montfort Senior Secondary School by the CBSE Board, New Delhi.

A warm and positive energy fills within me when I turn back and recollect the last ten years of journey with Montfort Brothers in Montfort School. The Principals and the Brothers who ever worked here always left a feeling of belongingness and joyful memories in our hearts. The teachers were always treated with respect. Brotherly love and affection was shared by them. The higher authorities of the Brothers are always humble to interact with us and encourage us whenever they come here.

Sincerely I feel that Montfort Senior Secondary School is the best place where a child can grow up with self respect, positive energy, confidence and can flourish in his/her life.

Thank you

Ms. Saly Xaviour


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