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Games and Sports

Sports and Games:

Sports and Games are the important factors in education. So, the teachers of Montfort School are relentlessly endeavour to bring out the innate talents of the students by organizing sports and games. As it improves health and mind the students play in the open ground to inculcate the body spirit of comradeship.

It is a physical activity which promotes physical health and growth; it displays a broad outlook of Co-operative work. It not only teaches the students to learn the game but also teaches how team – work is essential in the field.

Besides outdoor games, students are also encouraged to play some of the indoor games, like-Carom board, chess, Chinese checkers, etc. to develop their thinking capacity. Keeping it in mind, as the proverb says, “A sound mind lies in a sound body,” the teachers, encourage the students to take part in all kinds of games and sports.

The different types of sports and games competitions help the students to add to his/her all round development.

Football Tournament:

Montfort Senior Secondary School, Konbir-Noatoli, Basia Conducted a Inter-House Football tournament from 12th July to 23rd July 2016 by the School Sports Club. This tournament was held in the School Football Ground. The tournament was divided into three categories Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior. Each house had a team of 16 players with substitute from each category. The team displayed the football skills with highly spirited energy on the ground in a 20 minutes half time game.

This tournament ended on a high vote refereed by Sir. Shashi, Anand Sanjay and Vinay. The winners of Sub-Junior, Junior and Senior Category were Yellow, Red and Yellow House respectively where as the runner ups were Red, Green and Blue house respectively. Green, Blue and Red House obtained the third position category-wise in the tournament.

Conducted by Sports Club

Shashi  Bhushan