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Handwriting is an effective indicator of personality and behavior, so it is a useful tool for many organizational processes. Viz. recruitment, interviewing and selection, team building, counseling and career planning. Good handwriting can only be acquired through regular practice.

A good handwriting requires a regular practice, accurate and keen observation and the ability to express one’s idea clearly. These are the qualities, many students generally lack. Therefore they tend to avoid it. But it cannot be ignored, for good handwriting is a part and parcel of all schools, board and university examinations. Therefore handwriting competitions are held in schools to encourage students to improve their handwriting.

The purpose of organizing handwriting competition in Montfort School is to help the students to acquire special skills and techniques of calligraphy whether in English, Hindi or any other language. It also has the purpose to make the students aware about certain rules of handwriting. These are various benefits of organizing this competition. It helps to develop love for calligraphy. Hence handwriting competition is considered as an important event.



Handwriting competition for English and Hindi was held on Saturday 1st April 2017 at zero period that is 11.00 am to 12.00 pm noon . This competition was well planned and organised by the ART CLUB members.

ART CLUB member had a meeting on 29/03/2017. here in this meeting ,it was decided that the competition should be class-wise and all students participation is must therefore all the students of each class  participated with a great enthusiasm. All the respective class teacher were asked to inspect the competition in their own classes .

Total time allotted for the competition was  one hour .English handwriting was given 30 minutes and rest 30 minutes for Hindi handwriting. Children were given freedom to write any paragraph or passage from their book; It was not such rules made that the students should write from the particular book and the particular paragraph . And so students had written according to their choice and interest .

After the completion of first part students were informed to change the subject and they did it. They opened

their Hindi books and according to their liking they choose the paragraphs. Each child made use of this golden opportunity  to prove himself on herself, Students interest and participation or involvement in the competition was really appreciable.

After completing paper were submitted to the respective class teachers .Class teacher were asked to select the best three from each section  Therefore teacher selected the best three hand writing and submitted to the ART CLUB In-charge. Final result of the competition was made by the ART CLUB members .

Thanking you

James Bage