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Pot Painting:

People create art for a variety of reasons, including personal expression, pubic exhibition, or to bring in an income. But why should children learn to draw, especially at a time when the focus of many educators is moving back to the basics –regarding, writing and math? Of course, learning art helps some students find a hidden ability and develop their special talent. However there are two main reasons why one should encourage students in pot painting the first reason is that it helps children discover the joy of creating. We live in an age of technology, where many kids spend large amounts of time in front of computers, televisions or video games. Their tendency is to sit and watch. However, we were created to create, and today, specially, young people need opportunities to stimulate their imaginations.

The second reason is that when one helps children learn to paint a pot, is helping to develop his or her self-esteem and self-confidence. The students of Montfort develop concentration, confidence and creativity as well as their motor skills. The school is passionate about their wide variety of creative techniques and ideas. The child’s individuality is celebrated through observation, the monitoring of their learning journey and we are continuously planning new activities to extend their learning.