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Rangoli Competition:

The much awaited event “Inter-House Rangoli Competition” of Montfort Senior Secondary School, Konbir-Noatoli, Basia, Was conducted by the art club of the school on 18th July 2016 for the class VI-X and for the class I-V on 16th July 2016. The students participated in the competition with a lot of enthusiasm as they put together their artistic,  imaginative and creative skills to make bright and aesthetically appreciable  Rangoli.

Our students exhibited their flair in the art by making beautiful Rangoli designs using geometric shapes deity impressions and floral motifs and Diyas within one and half hour.

The judges were Mrs. Pratima , Rajni, Prafullit and Lalita who judged the competition based on the criteria-creativity colour-combination neatness and design.

The winners under the class VI-X Category were Yellow House, Red House, Yellow House, Blue House and Red House respectively; whereas the winners under the I – V Category were Yellow House Green House, Green House, Green House and Yellow House respectively.

Conducted by art club

Rajesh Barla

Rangoli Competition 2017 

 Rangoli Competition for class I to X was organized  on Saturday 29th of July 2017   at 9.00 A.M. to 11.oo P.M on the school Ground . It was the ART CLUB , which took interest and made the use of the given responsibility to plan it out and to organize, for the successful Rangoli competition , ART CLUB members had a short meeting on 19/07/2017 .Here in this meeting  it was decided that the competition should be class wise between the for houses .

Therefore it was a group activity in which every student was involved Completely and shared their own ideas . the competition represented by the student on the ground as Rangoli was impact the ideas and understanding of the children about the environment which they had shown through different colorful designs and shapes.

Class VI to X were given the themes about our environment .so student planned well about the theme and therefore , they could designed attractively which were really appreciatable.

Class I to V were not given the theme so they were free to think and represent their ideas and they did their job very well.  At 11.00 A.M Bro. Amit, Sr.Lateka Xalxo,Sr.Rima Mamta Ekka and Sr. Sushma Prabha minj came to the ground to judge the competition.They were really surprised  to see the students performance since the Rangoli made by students were so beautiful and attractive .Around 12.00 noon judgement was completed and the marks were submitted to the ART CLUB members.

Parents and guardians were invited to see  the talents of their wards. According to their comments that how nicely the students can perform it they are given a chance to put up their understanding and thinking . This is a plus point for the school and the encouragement to the students .

In this way the Rangoli competition was held successfully.

Thanking you

Mr. James Bage

(Art Club In-Charge )