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Story Telling:

Story Telling is considered as a common event in everyone’s family, but it is not an easy task as it requires command over language, Knowledge of the subject and the ability to develop one’s ideas logically and clearly.

Since, it helps to develop the speaking quality of a student, the competitions like story telling is held in Montfort School. Story telling makes the students familiar with a number of facts; It gives them of number of subjects. The main concept of the Competition is that everything which is read should not be taken for granted. Therefore, the students generally think and judge themselves and accept only what is considered to be correct. In other words, they learn to form their own opinions.

Through these competitions the students of Montfort School learn to analyze weight and balance. This habit of thinking is very difficult to form, but once formed, it lasts for life and certainly to be reflected in the story telling.

The benefits of it are that it helps specially the weaker students to try to enter into the spirit of imaginations and articulate them in the form of story.



To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the grate accomplishment .

The ability to express some one else wards in our own way will enable a child to create his/her own unique  identity .with this aim literary club members conducted the school level story telling competition on 15th  July 2017. The event had 60 participates from different classes students from all the sections seemed will prepared with their stories . Story telling competition commenced at 8.00 am in the school hall .all the participants came well prepared with their stories.

Story telling competition commenced at 8.00 in the school hall. All the participents came well prepared with very interesting stories with a proper moral messages. The students used varieous technique of telling a story and showcased their creativity .The audience seemed fully and engrossed with the flow of the competition .

The competition was judged by the panel of five teacher in senior section Mr. Nawal Tiwari (Math and Science club in-charge ) Mr.Ananad Sanjay Bara (cultural club In-charge ) Mr. Savita Kumari ( Literary Club In-charge )  Miss Rose Sweta Bediya  (Echo Club ) and Mr. James Bage ( Art and Back Drop Club ). In Junior Section Mrs. Dibya Lata Surin (Art and Back Drop Club  In-charge )  Mr. herman Lugun (Echo Club In-charge ) Mr.Deo Narayan Mahto (Games and Sports club)  Mrs. Anju Kumari (Cultural  Club ) and Miss. Shyamla Toppo (Math and Science club ).

It was very difficult for the judges to ensure the fair judgement . therefore the criteria for judgement was content presentation ,expression ,style , tone and  confidence etc. the competition went well and the best 3 story teller were chosen from each class at the end of the event.

finally the competition was concluded by Mr. James bage ,the most senior teacher of Montfort Senior Secondary School konbir Noatoli  Gumla with a beautiful suggestion and inspiring complements to the students.

Mrs. Savita  Kumari

Literary Club In-Charge