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Elocution 2017

Elocution Competition 2017

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don`t mind matter ,and those who matter don`t mind "   on 12th may 2017 as the development of literary club member orgnised a school  level speech competition on the topic of "ENVIRONMENT ".The department invited all the students to participate in the speech competition.

The program was started at 8.00 am into two group , the junior section and the senior section in the school hall. the program was led by the literary club member . The competition was judged by the panel of four teacher Mr.Selcius Jojo ,Mr.Rajesh Barla,Mr.Ananad Prakash Minj and Mam Saly Xavier in Senior Section and in the junior section Mr.James Bage , Mr.Anand Sanjay Bara,Mr.Binay Bilung,and Mrs.Crecencia Kindo to ensure the fair judgement of the performer. It was really hard for judges to decide the winners. Therefore the criteria`s for judgement was content deliverd cretivity communication skills voice modulation and pronunciation etc.There were 60 students was participated in the elocution competition .The students form all the section of classes participated in the competition with utmost enthusiasm and energy. 

Finally the session was concluded by Bro. Sudhakar Reddy the Pricipal of Montfort Senior Secondary School konbir Gumla with a beautiful inspiring and compliments to the students.


Literary Club  In-Charge

Mrs. Savita Kumari





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